Events - Posted workers and terms of employment in Finland

Date: Thursday 2 June 2022 at 17–18 Finnish time (EEST) 

Especially for: Posted workers in Finland.  Also useful for companies sending workers to Finland and contractors of posting companies.

The webinar gives you basic knowledge of posted workers’ rights in Finland. We will also tell you what to do if you face problems at work. This will help you to make sure that you will be treated right and equally in Finnish work life. The webinar is in English. It is free of charge and open to everyone.

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Topics and presentation

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The topics of the webinar are:

  • Wage (salary) and additional compensations
  • Working hours
  • Travel, accommodation and meal expenses
  • Holiday and holiday payments
  • Occupational health care
  • Accident insurance 
  • Accommodation conditions
  • Right to work in Finland
  • Taxation and tax number

How to participate 

Participation link will be sent to you right after your registration. Registration link will be published at the top of this page.

The webinar will be held via Teams Live Event. You can join the webinar using Teams application or internet browser. For more information, please go to page Instructions for participating the webinar.

During the webinar, you can ask questions in the chat. The event is organized by Regional State Administrative Agencies (AVI).

More information:
Lawyer Anu Ikonen, [email protected] 
The liaison office for posted workers
Regional State Administrative Agency of Southwestern Finland / Division of OSH 

Communication specialist Virpi Vento, [email protected]

Webinar: Poster workers and terms of employment


Events - Posted workers and terms of employment in Finland