Mitigation of biological exposure

If an analysis of biological agents present in a workplace shows that working there can lead to exposure, action must be taken to prevent or mitigate exposure pursuant to the applicable Government Decree. The obligation to minimise exposure also applies to workplaces where there is no deliberate handling or working with biological agents.

Identify and minimise biological risks to prevent harmful effects on health.

Preventive measures can be classified as follows:

  • finding a safe or a less dangerous alternative
  • ways to mitigate risks listed in the Government Decree on protecting workers from risks arising from biological agents (933/2017, section 8)
  • hygiene and personal protection
  • information and training given to employees and notices of special circumstances (such as accidents or incidents)
  • special measures applicable to health care and veterinary medicine units other than diagnostic laboratories, laboratories and livestock farms as well as industrial processes.

The need for special measures depends on, among other things, the risk groups of the biological agents present, and they are listed in Annexes II and III of the aforementioned Government Decree (in Finnish).