Elmeri+ method

Elmeri+ is an observation method for measuring the safety of the work environment or individual workstations as well as employees’ procedures. Elmeri+ is especially well suited to the industrial sector.

Elmeri+ covers

  • the safety of procedures
  • ergonomics
  • the safety of machinery and equipment
  • safety around the workplace
  • order and cleanliness, and
  • the safety of hygienic environmental factors (noise, lighting, thermal conditions, air quality and substances handled at the workplace).

Elmeri+ is beneficial for employers

Elmeri+ is an excellent safety management tool. It can be useful in connection with, for example, internal workplace safety audits. It gives employers information about any areas in need of improvement in respect of occupational safety and allows them to monitor progress by means of regular follow-up surveys. The Elmeri+ index has been found to be a good indicator of how prone to accidents a workplace is.

Use of Elmeri+ in the context of occupational safety and health inspections

The Elmeri+ questionnaire covers the 14 most notable environmental factors that determine occupational safety and that inspectors compare against occupational safety regulations and rate on a pass/fail basis. Most workplace inspection reports include a total of at least 100 observations.

The inspector’s observations form the basis of an overall index for the workplace, which illustrates the percentage of factors that are in order in the workplace relative to all the issues addressed in the course of the inspection, as well as sub-indices for the various question categories and comparisons with other similar workplaces in the same sector of the economy. Inspection reports can also contain written advice or improvement notices that obligate employers to rectify any non-conformances and comply with occupational safety laws.

Elmeri+ instructions and questionnaire (pdf, in Finnish)


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