Asiointi - Puhelinneuvonta

Call us at 0295 016 620

The nationwide telephone service of the OSH authorities offers service in English on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 noon. Outside these times you can leave a call-back request by calling the service number above.

We also offer service in Finnish and in Swedish, see details. In other languages, you can call us with the help of your own interpreter.

If you call from a landline phone in Finland, the rate is the standard local network rate. If you call from a mobile phone in Finland, the rate is the standard mobile rate. The actual cost depends on your subscription with the operator. If you call to a Finnish number from outside Finland, please dial the international code +358 and leave out the first zero of the phone number.

The service is divided into four categories:

Puhelinneuvonta - Plussasisällöt

Puhelinneuvonta - Muualla Tyosuojelu.fissä