Asiointi - Puhelinneuvonta

In number 0295 016 620

The Nationwide Telephone Service of the OSH authorities offers service in English on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 noon. Outside these times you can contact us in English by email (contact information for occupational safety and health divisions) or leave a call-back request by calling the service number above.

Please note the exceptional opening hours:

  • On Friday 16 February 2024 Advice for employment relationships is closed.

Service in Finnish is available from Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. We also offer service in Swedish, see details. In other languages, you can call us with the help of your own interpreter.

If you call from a landline phone in Finland, the rate is the standard local network rate. If you call from a mobile phone in Finland, the rate is the standard mobile rate. The actual cost depends on your subscription with the operator. If you call to a Finnish number from outside Finland, please dial the international code +358 and leave out the first zero of the phone number.

The service is divided into four categories:

Advice on employment relationships

  • Advice in matters related to employment contracts, payment, working hours, annual holidays and other employment terms.
    • Please note that if you are in a public-service employment relationship, we can advise you in matters related to working hours and annual holidays. Otherwise, the occupational safety and health authority does not have the competence to supervise compliance with legislation on public-service employment relationships.
  • Your own labour market organization also informs you about employment provisions and collective agreements.
  • Enforcement Request in Employment Matter -form (pdf): EnglishFile opens in a new tab , FinnishFile opens in a new tab , SwedishFile opens in a new tab

Advice on working environments

  • Advice on how you can improve the work conditions on your workplace and develop the OSH activities of your own workplace.
  • Advice on safe working facilities, working methods and machinery
  • Notification of occupational accidents (others than construction related accidents)

Advice on the construction sector

  • Advice on how to improve the working conditions on workplaces in the construction sector and develop the OSH activities
  • Advice on a safe working environment and safe working methods
  • Notifications of occupational accidents in the Construction Sector

Advice on well-being at work

  • Questions related to the well-being at work (psycho-social load, harassment, inappropriate treatment and discrimination)

To contact by email, letter or otherwise, please use the contact information for the OSH Division of the region where your workplace is located.