Pay in Finland - Construction Sector

The Construction Sector’s collective agreements

Determine the correct collective agreement for the work carried out below, and go through the link to the collective agreement to determine pay and compensation.

Construction sector workers

Carpenters, construction workers, bricklayers, plasterers, tilers, roofing workers, tower crane operators and fitters, iron workers, cement layers, element fitters and scaffolding fitters:
Building construction 2023 leaflet
Building construction (in Finnish)

Construction painting, painting of metal structures, coating, product painting:
Painting 2023 leaflet
Painting (in Finnish)

Pipefitters, air conditioning installers, sprinkler installers, pipe insulators:
Building Services 2023 leaflet
Building engineering (in Finnish)

Insulators, brick roofers:
Waterproofing 2023 leaflet
Waterproofing sector (in Finnish)

Floor coating and tiling work, builders performing mass floor coating:
Flooring 2023 leaflet
Flooring (in Finnish)

Co-pilot and plough operator, roller operator, machine station operators, spreader operator, repair workers, traffic controllers, road marking workers:
Asphalting 2023 leaflet
Asphalting (in Finnish)

Car drivers, mobile crane operator, excavator operator, loader operators, telescopic handler operators, chargers, drillers, crushing station workers, dredging workers, earthworks workers:
Infrastructure 2023 leaflet (formerly Civil Engineering)
Infrastructure (in Finnish)

Element manufacturers, moulders, casters, concrete mill workers, laboratory techs, process operators, slab manufacturers, repairers, stone workers, lumberjacks, sawmills, brick burners:
Construction product industry 2023 leaflet
Construction industry (in Finnish)

Construction work in greenspaces, tasks related to the management and planning of greenspaces and outdoor recreation areas and other tasks of green sector companies:
Landscaping branch (in Finnish)

Salaried employees in the construction sector

A construction company's operations and support activities include duties of salaried employees, responsible foremen and site managers:
Salaried employees in the construction sector (in Finnish)

Duties and tasks of salaried employees related to production, research and product development, design, logistics, financial administration, human resources, sales, marketing, information technology, data processing, warehouse functions, transports, exports and imports:
Salaried employees in the construction and concrete industry (in Finnish)

Technical and finance staff employed by companies that perform electricity and HVAC sector fittings:
Collective agreement for salaried employees in building services (in Finnish)

Persons working in service technology, administrative and other office tasks in the real estate sector:
Collective agreement for salaried employees in the real estate sector (in Finnish)