Section preparing amendments to the provisions on the safety of construction work -alasivu

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has investigated the timeliness and development needs of legislation on the safety of construction work. Based on feedback from occupational safety and health authorities, labour market organisations and other stakeholders, it has proved necessary to review the provisions and make amendments. An advisory board preparing occupational safety provisions within the Ministry set up a tripartite section to address the need for amendments.


The task of the section is to review the proposals for amendments to the provisions on the safety of construction work. It must ensure that sufficient expertise from different areas is available in the analysis and preparation work. In accordance with good legislative drafting principles, the section must make a justified proposal for the amendments to the provisions which it considers necessary on the basis of the review. Consensus must be sought in the task.

The section reports on its work at appropriate intervals to the advisory board preparing occupational safety provisions. The advisory board reviews the proposals prepared by the section.

Topics to be addressed

The following topics are addressed by the section:

  1. Definition of construction
  2. Roles and responsibilities in construction
    • topics include the roles and responsibilities of various entities operating on the construction site (e.g. subcontractors, side contractors and separate contractors under the main contractor; safety coordinator), as well as issues related to a shared construction site/workplace
  3. Staff facilities
    • topics include the location of the facilities, staff facilities on construction sites of different sizes and types
  4. Site area
    • topics include traffic arrangements, rescue, site lighting
  5. Working at height/protecting against falls
    • topics include high construction sites and their regulation
  6. Cranes, machinery and equipment
    • topics include safe operation and maintenance of lifting equipment, conditions of tower crane operator
  7. Hazardous/harmful substances, dust management and measurement
    • topics include more comprehensive regulation of dust management
  8. Personal protective equipment
    • topics include specifications for PPE (e.g. helmet, goggles)
  9. Other topics
    • topics include occupational health card


Antti Janas, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Chair
Jarno Virtanen, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, member
Keijo Päivärinta, Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland, member
Tapio Jääskeläinen, Finnish Construction Trade Union, member
Jyrki Suihkonen, Trade Union Pro, member
Ville Wartiovaara, Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries, member
Anne Salomaa, Confederation of Finnish Industries, member
Katja Syrjänen, Finnish Construction Trade Union, SAK mandate, member
Jenna Kauppila, Electrical Contractors’ Association of Finland STUL, SY mandate, member

The section has invited five permanent experts: 
Economic policy expert Kati Kaskiala, Infra Contractors Association in Finland
OSH expert Henri Litmanen, Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries
Lawyer Mia Sinda, Finnish Construction Trade Union
Regional agent Mikko Sormunen, The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland 
Senior Officer Janne Hokkanen, Regional State Administrative Agency for Western and Inland Finland

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health will appoint a secretary for the section.

Progress of work

The term of office of the section is 1 September 2020 to 31 December 2023. This website will be updated with information about the progress of the work.