The grey economy and occupational safety and health - Yleistä

The grey economy exists in all sectors. However, sectors that are labour-intensive and where subcontracting is common are particularly vulnerable. Several government authorities, including occupational safety and health authorities, the Finnish Tax Administration, the Police and Customs, contribute to the fight against the grey economy.

The fight against the grey economy is an important one

Occupational safety and health authorities contribute to the fight against the grey economy by enforcing the following rules:

  • Only foreign nationals who are legally permitted to work in Finland can be employed.
  • All workers must be paid at least the minimum stipulated by the applicable collective agreement.
  • Working hours and overtime arrangements must comply with the law and any applicable agreements.
  • Contractors can only use temporary agencies and subcontractors that satisfy the requirements of the Finnish Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work Is Contracted Out.
  • Operators in the construction industry (developers, principal contractors and employers) must ensure that everyone working on their site carries a photo ID.
  • The principal contractor on a construction site must keep an up-to-date list of workers at the site.