Training and instruction

Employees must be given information about health hazards. 

It is the employer’s duty to ensure that their employees are given sufficient training based on the latest information available. In particular, employees must be given information and instruction on

  • any potential health hazards
  • precautions to prevent exposure
  • hygiene requirements
  • the use of protective devices and clothing
  • how to act in an emergency and ways to prevent incidents.

Training must be

  • provided whenever employees first start to work with biological agents
  • tailored to take into account any new hazards or changes in circumstances
  • repeated at regular intervals, if necessary.

Notifying employees of special circumstances

Employers must draw up written instructions and make them available in the workplace. The instructions must cover at least the procedures to be followed

  • in the event of a serious accident or incident involving the handling of biological agents
  • when handling biological agents belonging to risk groups 3 and 4.

Employees must report all accidents and incidents that involve biological agents to their line manager or a member of the occupational safety and health organisation without delay.

Employers must immediately notify their employees or their representatives of all accidents and incidents that could have led to the release of biological agents and that could pose a risk of a serious infection or illness.

Employers must also, as soon as possible, notify their employees or their representatives of

  • any serious accidents or incidents
  • the reasons for the accident or incident
  • the action taken to remedy the situation.