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We ask for your consent to the use of cookies when you first visit the Tyosuojelu.fi web service. You can also allow or block cookies at any time from the cookie settings. Please note that cookie settings must be changed separately on each browser.

What are cookies and what information is collected with them?

A cookie is a text file that is stored in your browser when you use a website. A cookie collects information about your visit to the website.

Some cookies are necessary, and the Tyosuojelu.fi online service needs them to function appropriately. In addition, we use some cookies to analyse and compile statistics on the use of the Tyosuojelu.fi website and to develop the website and its contents.

The information typically includes the network request made by the user, the date and time of the request, the IP address of the user's terminal device, and the browser type and language.

Cookies can also be placed in your browser by third parties whose services we use to embed content on our pages.

Necessary cookies

Some cookies are necessary for Tyosuojelu.fi to function as intended technically. Necessary cookies ensure a smooth online service experience.

Necessary cookies are saved in your browser automatically when you use the Tyosuojelu.fi website and your consent will not be requested separately for their use. Necessary cookies remain in your browser for a maximum of one year.

Statistics cookies that collect visitor and analytical information

These cookies collect information on the use of our website and help us understand it better. Based on this information, we carry out development work on our website.

We request your consent for the use of statistical cookies when you enter the Tyosuojelu.fi site. You can change the settings later on.

Statistical cookies collect information such as:

  • which pages the user visited
  • which terminal device and browser the user used when using the service
  • user IP address in anonymised format
  • the way a user entered the site (search engine, direct link, etc.)
  • how long the user’s visit on the site lasts.

We use Snoobi Analytics to track data. We use the data collected with statistical cookies to analyse and produce statistics on the use of the site in a form that cannot be linked to an actual person. For more information on how the service works, see the Snoobi website.

Visitor data are collected from Tyosuojelu.fi as part of the monitoring of the implementation of EU Regulation (EU) 2018/1724 on establishing a single digital gateway to provide access to information. In addition to the URL address of the page, the number of visitors, the country of the visitors and the terminal device used are collected from the websites connected to the digital gateway. You can identify the pages linked to the gateway from the Your Europe logo at the bottom and the text "This website is part of the European Commission's Your Europe portal". The data are collected anonymously and are not linked to individuals. The data are only available to the EU Commission, the national coordinators mentioned in the regulation and the occupational safety and health administration.

Third party applications

Some pages of the Tyosuojelu.fi website use third-party applications to display content. These include YouTube videos and ZEF surveys embedded in the site's pages. When loading a page, applications can place cookies in the user's browser that transmit information to a third party.

Third-party applications are subject to the third-party’s terms and conditions. The function of these cookies cannot be adjusted from the cookie settings for the Tyosuojelu.fi website.

Tyosuojelu.fi also contains links and sharing buttons to social media services. These do not pass on user information to service providers if you don't use the links or share buttons. These services (Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Instagram) provide information on cookies used in their services.