Right of personnel to be informed - Alasivu

The contractor is required if requested to inform personnel representatives of certain matters concerning temporary agency work and subcontracting agreements. The right to be informed applies to shop stewards, elected personnel representatives and occupational safety and health representatives. The employer is not automatically required to provide this information; personnel representatives must request it.

On request to provide information about agency worker and subcontracting agreements, the contractor must state the reason for using temporary agency work, the number of employees engaged, the identifying details of the enterprise concerned, the work site, the tasks, the duration of the agreement and the applicable collective agreement or principal terms of employment.

Moreover, for the purpose of resolving disputes concerning the agency worker’s pay or employment, the shop steward, elected representative or occupational safety and health representative have the right to request, with the agency worker's consent, sufficient information from the agency worker’s employer for resolving the dispute. The right to be informed applies even to temporary agency work agreements where the duration of the work is less than ten days.