Employees’ responsibilities

While the ultimate responsibility for occupational safety and health lies with the employer, employees also have certain obligations when it comes to occupational safety and health.

Employees must

  • work together with their employer and employees’ representatives to maintain and promote a high level of occupational safety in the workplace
  • follow the instructions provided by the employer, exercise due care and comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • follow their employer’s instructions and observe the provisions of the Finnish Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • abide by any relevant safety and protective guidelines (e.g. for using machinery and equipment or for handling chemicals) in accordance with their training and instruction to ensure that their work does not put their own safety or that of others at risk
  • not harass other employees or otherwise treat them inappropriately
  • help to keep the workplace neat and tidy
  • wear appropriate clothing to eliminate the risk of accidents
  • use any protective equipment and devices provided for preventing risks of injury or damage to health
  • not remove any instructions, warning labels or safety or protective devices
  • fix any faults or defects that clearly pose a risk if authorised and competent to do so
  • report any defects in protective equipment, machinery, devices or tools to their line manager and the occupational safety and health representative
    (a report must also be submitted if an employee has removed or corrected the fault)
  • submit to a health examination at the start of their employment and regular check-ups thereafter in order to establish their work ability pursuant to the Occupational Health Care Act.

Employees have the right to refuse any work tasks that pose a serious risk to their own life or health or to the life or health of others.


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