Send us a tipoff about grey economy activities - Yleistä

You can use the form provided to send tipoffs about grey economy activities to the occupational safety and health authority. When completing the form, give as much detail as possible on everything you know. The information will be processed in a confidential manner at the Regional State Administrative Agencies’ Divisions of Occupational Safety and Health.

Role of the occupational safety and health authority and various supervisory tasks in combating the grey economy

  • Employers must only employ foreign workers who have the right to work in Finland.
  • Employers must pay all workers at least the minimum stipulated by the applicable collective agreement.
  • Working hours and overtime arrangements must comply with the law and any applicable agreements, and in the transport sector driving times and rest periods must comply with provisions.
  • When utilising temporary agency work and subcontracting, contractors must use contract partners who comply with the obligations laid down in the Act on the Contractor's Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out (including tax payments, pensions, accident insurance and occupational health care).
  • Contractors must ensure that they do not enter into a contract with a party subject to a ban on business operations or a contract for which the contractor should have known that the contracting party does not intend to comply with its statutory payment obligations (for example, a so-called under-priced contract).
  • Operators in the construction industry (developers, principal contractors and employers), as well as shipyard operators (as of 1 July 2022) must ensure that everyone working on their site carries a photo ID.
  • The principal contractor on a construction site must keep an up-to-date list of workers at the site.