Occupational health care in the context of temporary agency work

The provision of occupational health care for agency workers is the responsibility of their employer, i.e. the temporary agency. At least statutory (preventive) occupational health care must be provided.

The provision of occupational health care is the temporary agency’s responsibility.

The contracts that temporary agencies have with occupational health care providers can differ from user companies’ occupational health care service agreements.

It is the user company’s responsibility to notify their occupational health care provider and the occupational safety and health representative whenever they hire labour through a temporary agency. The user company’s occupational health care provider carries out a survey of the workplace to assess the health implications of any risks inherent in the work.

It is vital for temporary agencies and user companies to work together in order to ensure that the service provider responsible for any agency workers’ occupational health care also knows about the circumstances of the workplace and is able to carry out any necessary health examinations and provide any necessary advice and training.


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