Personnel rooms -ingressi

Personnel rooms include spaces reserved for eating, changing and washing as well as toilets, rest areas and on-call rooms. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide enough of these facilities to accommodate their entire personnel.

Personnel rooms - Yleistä

Personnel rooms are places of rest and refreshment.

Every workplace must have, or have easy access to,

  • decent toilet facilities
  • an adequate supply of drinking water
  • an area reserved and furnished for eating
  • a refrigerator and a microwave oven for storing and heating food and drinks brought in by employees
  • an easily accessible space for changing and, if necessary, drying clothes
  • a lockable space for storing clothes and personal effects (such as a locker)
  • clean water and decent washing facilities, or if dictated by special circumstances, a sufficient number of washing and drying accessories, or a heated washroom or a sauna with a shower or some other source of hot water
  • if dictated by special circumstances, on-call rooms or other spaces where employees can rest, take breaks or wait if they cannot do so in their office.

Personnel facilities must be designed to comply with the Finnish Building Information Foundation’s guideline 103140 on personnel facilities (2020). This guideline is based on the Finnish Occupational Safety and Health Act and on Government Decree on safety and health requirements in the workplace.