Follow-up after an occupational safety and health inspection

After the occupational safety and health inspection, the inspector carries out follow-up monitoring to ensure the employer complies with the imposed obligations. Follow-up monitoring will not necessarily require a new inspection; instead, compliance with the obligations can also be assessed on the basis of reliable information and materials provided by the employer.

Compliance with the obligations can often be determined on the basis of the material provided by the employer.

The inspector assesses whether the employer's report on compliance with the obligations is sufficient. On the basis of the information the inspector has received, they will draw up a notification of compliance with the obligations to the employer. If the received information is not sufficient, the inspector prepares an inspection report in which they impose new obligations on the employer. If compliance with the obligation cannot be reliably assessed on the basis of the documents submitted or other information, a new inspection will be carried out at the workplace if necessary.

Once the employer has been given written advice, compliance with this will be monitored the next time an occupational safety and health inspection is carried out at the site.

When an employer is issued an improvement notice, the inspection report states the deadline within which the employer must correct the matter in accordance with the legislation. If the deficiency the inspector has described in the improvement notice is not corrected within the given deadline or the additional information received from the employer is not sufficient, the inspector will refer the matter to the occupational safety and health authority for processing. Processing by occupational safety and health authorities means that the Regional State Administrative Agency's Occupational Safety and Health Division will consider whether further measures are necessary.

Reporting in e-service

Some employers can submit a report electronically on their compliance with obligations in the occupational safety and health e-service. This possibility concerns the obligations that occupational safety and health inspectors have issued in selected enforcement projects within the pilot after the pilot has started. For more information, see the page  E-service.