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Major accidents include, for example, major chemical spills, fires, explosions and other similar incidents that are the result of a situation getting out of hand and that pose a health hazard either immediately or later on.

Emergency drills are designed to test the effectiveness of rescue procedures in practice.

The risk of major accidents always needs to be addressed when dangers in the workplace are assessed. The risk of major accidents that are caused by repairs, maintenance, modifications or other similar works should be given special attention.

If there are substances in the workplace that could lead to a major accident or if there is a risk of major accidents involved in the work otherwise, workers must be taught precautions and what to do in the event of an accident. Emergency drills can be organised to test the effectiveness of the procedures in practice.

Work must be planned taking the risk of accidents into account

In addition to the risk of major accidents, employers also need to be prepared for other emergencies such as fires, explosions or the risk of drowning.

Work must be planned so as to minimise the risk of accidents. This means, among other things, regularly removing waste and other unnecessary substances that could ignite or cause a fire in the workplace.

Fire alarms and fire extinguishers as well as other necessary life-saving and rescue equipment must be provided. Workers who risk their lives or their health by working near water must have easy access to life-saving equipment. More detailed provisions on occupational hazards and precautions can be found in regulations specific to rescue services, dangerous substances and chemicals.

Workers must also be explained what to do in the event of a fire, including instructions for handling naked flames in the workplace, procedures that pose a risk of fire or explosion and the handling and storage of various kinds of flammable substances. The instructions should ideally be kept in a visible place in the workplace. Fire drills can be organised to test their effectiveness in practice.


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