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It is the employer’s duty to assess the risk of exposure to physical factors in the workplace. The risk assessment process is facilitated by the fact that most physical factors are easy to detect and the sources of optical radiation and electromagnetic fields, for example, are well known. Physical factors can also be measured or estimated and the results used to assess the magnitude of the risk posed to employees’ health or to plan ways to lower the risk.

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Occupational Safety and Health Act (738/2002)

  • Section 8 – Employer’s general duty to exercise care
  • Section 10 – Analysis and assessment of the risks at work
  • Section 11 – Work that causes particular risks
  • Section 12 – Design of the working environment
  • Section 13 – Work design
  • Section 34 – Lighting of workplaces
  • Section 39 – Physical agents and electrical safety

Government Decree on medical examinations in work that presents a special risk of illness (1485/2001, as amended by Decree No 831/2005)

  • Section 4a – Exposure action values for factors that present a special risk of illness in medical examinations
Government Decree on the List of Occupational Diseases (769/2015, in Finnish)