List of workers - Yleistä


General information on topic

New workers must be added to the list as soon as they start work. The list must be kept up to date. Persons making occasional deliveries to the site do not need to be included in the list.

The list of workers must show:

  • the worker’s first name and last name, date of birth and tax number,
  • start date and end date of work on site,
  • the worker’s employer’s name and business ID or corresponding foreign ID, and
  • In the case of posted workers, the name and contact details of the employer’s representative in Finland.

Information on the representative’s qualification requirements: Posted worker: Employer’s representative.

For the purposes of maintaining this list, all employers operating on a construction site must submit the necessary information on their employees to the principal contractor or developer. 

The principal contractor or developer must retain the list for six years after the completion of the construction.

For more information about obligations on a construction site, see the page Construction industry.