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A posted worker is a person normally working in some other country than Finland and whose employer is established and performing significant activities in another country. During his/her employment the worker is posted to Finland by the employer to perform temporary work for a limited period of time. The posting company must notify the occupational safety and health authority about the posting of workers.

The notification duty enters into force 1 September 2017

The notification must be made when the posting of workers is based on an agreement concluded after 18 June 2016 and the posting of a posted worker begins after 1.9.2017. The posting company must submit a notice no later than the beginning of the work, at latest on the same day as the contractual work begins. Reporting is not needed when workers are transferred within the company for a maximum of 5 days, except when the company operates in the construction sector.

Submitting the notification

The reporting duty is fulfilled by filling an electronic form. A confirmation message will also be sent to the posting company's email address. The notification can also be made to a private service provider, such as the service which forwards the information to the OSH authority.

Electronic form: Notification of Posting of Workers

At the justified request of the posting undertaking, the 12-month limit of work may be extended to a maximum of 18 months. The notification is submitted electronically to the occupational safety and health authority before the 12-month working time of a worker posted to Finland is reached.

Electronic form: Notification of extension of duration of posting of workers

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