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Cooperation between the authorities enhanced occupational safety and health enforcement in 2022

10 Jul 2023

In 2022, occupational safety and health enforcement emphasised cooperation between multiple authorities and its development. The exchange of information between authorities was developed, regional cooperation forums were established, and joint inspections were carried out on sites selected based on potential risks. Data from other authorities were widely used which made supervision more efficient.

As in previous years, the safety and health of the working environment, the implementation of the rules of fair working life and psychosocial workload were under supervision in 2022.

  • Supervision of working conditions was focused on risk-based prevention of occupational accidents and the management of chemical and biological agents and physical workload.
  • The implementation of working life rules was promoted by supervising the use of foreign labour, the posting of foreign workers to Finland, compliance with the Act on the Contractor's Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out, driving and rest periods for drivers and the gathering of natural products.
  • The supervision of the psychosocial workload of work focused especially on work arrangements and the management of workload factors caused by the work content and the social functioning of the work community. The extensive enforcement activities focused mostly on work in health and social services, public administration and industry.

In addition, the occupational safety and health authority carried out supervision related to occupational well-being and suspected discrimination at workplaces based on customer contacts. Supervision also included investigation of serious occupational accidents and market surveillance of machinery and personal protective equipment.

Established support for supervision through other means of influence

In addition to occupational safety and health inspections, enforcement was enhanced by means of other impactful activities, such as multi-channel communication, online seminars, and enforcement and mapping surveys. Direct messages reached a wide range of work places relevant to different themes.

The occupational safety and health authority's national telephone service helped both employees and employers in an established manner in matters related to employment relationships, work environment issues, special issues in the construction sector and matters related to well-being at work. 

Occupational safety and health authority services were developed by promoting the e-service. In the e-service, the employee can submit a supervision request in the employment certificate matter. The employer, on the other hand, can submit the requested reports related to inspections. The possibilities of using the e-service will be expanded this year.

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