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My co-worker is being bullied at work. What should I do?

Unfair treatment

If you observe that your co-worker is being treated inappropriately, ask them if you can help. Do not act on behalf of your co-worker, but try to encourage them to act on their own behalf. Point out that inappropriate treatment should not be accepted. Be supportive of the person who has experienced inappropriate treatment and get involved in the investigation of the matter.

Together, you can ask the harasser to stop or change his or her behaviour. If the harassment continues, encourage your co-worker to inform the line manager. Determine if your workplace has a procedure in place for addressing harassment or inappropriate treatment. Get to know the operating procedure together. Encourage your co-worker to follow the guidelines provided in the workplace.

If your colleague is unable to defend themselves or does not have the courage to bring the issue up, you can report the treatment you have observed to the supervisor and the occupational safety and health representative if necessary. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act, every employee is obliged to inform the employer and the occupational safety and health representative of any deficiencies in working conditions that may pose a health hazard.  If you yourself are present in a situation where a co-worker is being treated inappropriately, you can express to the person behaving inappropriately that you find their behaviour inappropriate.

17 Oct 2023