Murupolku - Usein kysytty kysymys - EN

We are contracting work from a Finnish branch of a foreign company. What clarifications concerning the contractor’s obligation to check do we need to obtain?

Contractor's obligations and liability

A foreign company’s branch in Finland is not an independent legal person, but rather conducts business in the name and on behalf of a foreign corporation. As a rule, the clarifications concerning the contractor’s obligation to check must be from the foreign company’s country of domicile in the same way as for other foreign companies. In addition, you must obtain documentation listing the company’s tax register entries and tax payments and a trade register extract from Finland. The extract from the trade register includes the name, domicile, registration number and representation rights of the foreign entrepreneur.  

Reports available on the insurance coverage of workers will depend on the country in which the workers are in the scope of social security. Occupational health care must be organised in Finland. 

17 Oct 2023