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We use a service that allows the contractor to obtain a report on the contracting partner’s compliance with their obligations. Is it enough if the report containing statements on contractor’s obligations is viewed in the service, or does it have to be printed out?

Contractor's obligations and liability

All reports and certificates must be kept by the contractor for at least two years after the work concerned has been completed. For this reason, the contractor must also keep the report obtained from a private data administrator’s service. The contractor can either print out the report or save it on a computer, for example. If the contractor stores the reports electronically, the contractor must take care of appropriate backups. Compliance with the obligation to check can only be verified by presenting the reports obtained.

The contractor can only demonstrate their compliance with the obligation to check retrospectively by presenting certificates and information that have been obtained before signing the agreement. The contractor has a responsibility to check that the report contains all the clarifications and information required by law.

17 Oct 2023