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It is the employer’s responsibility to provide first aid for workers and others in the workplace in the event of an emergency. Employees need to know what to do if someone is injured or suddenly taken ill.

It is the employer’s responsibility to provide first aid kits in the workplace.

A sufficient number of first aid kits must be provided in easily accessible and clearly indicated locations around the workplace. A designated space where first aid can be administered must be provided if necessary due to the number of workers, the nature of the work or other circumstances in the workplace.

One or more employees must be assigned as first aid coordinators, and these individuals must be properly trained and given any necessary equipment.

The necessary level of first aid preparedness is determined by occupational health care professionals

The level of first aid preparedness required in the workplace is determined in connection with the workplace surveys carried out by the employer’s occupational health care provider. First aid preparedness planning includes identifying the first aid skills and equipment needed at the workplace.

If necessary, representatives of civil defence organisations and rescue services can be consulted. The ability to administer first aid in the event of a major accident must be given special attention.

The process also includes establishing a procedure for dealing with post-traumatic stress resulting from work or incidents in the workplace.

First aid preparedness - Lainsäädäntö



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