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Versatile risk-based occupational safety and health enforcement in 2023

29 Apr 2024

In 2023, after several exceptional years, the occupational safety and health authorities were able to carry out supervision at workplaces in full scale. Occupational safety and health inspections were targeted at different workplace phenomena with a risk-based approach. Enforcement focused on the safety and health of the working environment, the implementation of fair workplace rules and psychosocial workload. 

Occupational safety and health enforcement was carried out in 2023 mainly on the basis of nationally identified phenomena in work and employment. Occupational safety and health inspections were prioritised with a risk-based approach, using information from a variety of different sources and observations made during previous inspections. The target level for inspection volume was exceeded: a total of 24,500 occupational safety and health inspections were carried out. Customer demand was also successfully met in target timeframes.

The supervision of working conditions – the safety and health of the working environment – focused on the prevention of occupational accidents and the management of chemical and biological factors and physical workload.

The implementation of workplace rules was promoted by supervising employment relationships, the use of foreign labour, the posting of foreign workers to Finland, compliance with the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out, and driving and rest periods for drivers.

The supervision of psychosocial workload focused especially on work arrangements and the management of workload factors caused by the content of the work and the social functioning of the work community. For example, supervision was directed at the psychosocial workload related to supervisory work, which is often overlooked at workplaces.  

Other influencing, such as communications and stakeholder work, was utilised as part of occupational safety and health enforcement. Workplace safety was supported with measures such as multi-channel communications, webinars, fairs and other events.

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Hanna Makkula, Director
Regional State Administrative Agency for Western and Inland Finland, Occupational Safety and Health Division
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